When you come to a physiotherapist or doctor for diagnosis of a back problem the practitioner looks at your movement and the movement of one area of your body in relation to the other and to the pain you are feeling.

The practitioner will also ask about any symptoms you are experiencing to help determine the location and severity of the problem. They might even order some diagnostic imaging of the area they think may be the cause. Once they have satisfied their understanding they will embark on a treatment plan.


Your doctor will probably prescribe medication for several things­:

  • control pain
  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce muscle spasms.

Your physiotherapist will use a range of techniques to relieve your pain such as:

  • manual therapy
  • electrotherapy techniques.

Both your doctor and your physio will closely monitor your progress.

As your treatment progresses and your pain reduces your physio will give you a combination of exercises, stretches and work/postural advice to help your continued progress from the pain free sub-clinical state to a place where your risk of re-injuring yourself in your normal daily activities including recreation is significantly reduced.

Back pain is so complex that it often needs more than a single health discipline to achieve good results. The common physical needs to address back pain issues are:

  • strength
  • stability
  • flexibility

Other disciplines other than physiotherapy that can assist the treatment of back pain are:

  • exercise physiology
  • pilates
  • yoga
  • massage
  • podiatrist for foot and leg problems
  • dietetics / nutrition where load is an issue and dietary advice can help
  • acupuncture – a holistic approach and for those who do not feel they respond well to drugs for pain relief and spasms
  • psychology to address stress and any emotional component of the problem

The team at Suncoast Health and Wellness work together in all of these disciplines and treatments offering you the most effective outcome for your individual problem.

They excel at treating spinal pain, in particular lower back pain and are focused on helping you return to the best you can be in the quickest possible time. By partnering with you in your rehabilitation, progressing your recovery within your pain and ability and providing you the means to support your back fitness and your future health you can get back into doing the things you love and living life.



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